Meet Sara Raby, CPA, Director

Sara Raby has nearly 20 years of public accounting experience, five of which are with Aura Advisors. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Commerce with an emphasis in Accounting from Santa Clara University, she began her career in tax. In fact, Sara and Dana Borys worked together at their first tax firm after graduating college. 

In her free time, Sara enjoys volunteering within the local community, being actively involved as a board member for her kids’ Parent-Teacher Organization, and paving the way for the next generation of women as the leader of her daughter’s Girl Scout troop. Sara enjoys watching the girls challenge themselves, learn, and grow. When she isn’t working or volunteering, Sara loves spending time with her family traveling, camping, and doing water sports. She will never turn down a game night!

Sara Raby’s Areas of Expertise

Sara Raby specializes in supporting individuals with their tax compliance and consulting needs. Throughout her career, Sara has worked with many individuals on their federal and multi-state tax filings, IRC Section 1031 exchange calculations, and other real estate transactions for rental properties, and identifying tax planning opportunities for self-employed individuals.

Sara loves working with individuals and the challenge that interpreting ever-changing tax law brings. Putting those together and providing her knowledge to others in a way that impacts their life positively is fulfilling for Sara.

What Do Aura Advisors’ Core Values Mean to Sara?

“Our core values mean that we do things differently than what we have been taught to expect in the public accounting field. We do not have to sacrifice the flexibility that we need to succeed in our personal lives, and we can still be successful in our professional lives.

“I appreciate our holistic approach to taxes and the individual as a whole. It’s not about completing a form once a year but establishing an understanding of how tax law impacts various decisions along the way.”

“I have worked with Aura Advisors for almost 5 years. They have consistently provided timely responses to all of my questions, given expert advice, and made the process of filing and paying taxes an easy one. They have been a pleasure to work with.”

Rick, Owner of a Consulting Company