Meet Cory Carroll, CPA, MSBA, Principal

With nearly 25 years of public accounting experience, Cory is a seasoned tax professional with a track record of working with a range of clients, from young start-ups to $40M gross revenue per year corporations. Cory holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics with an Accounting Emphasis from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a Master’s of Science in Financial and Tax Planning from San Diego State University.

Since joining the Aura Advisors team in 2020, he’s admired the importance of Aura Advisor’s balanced and holistic approach that fosters increased client satisfaction. When he’s not helping business owners optimize their tax liabilities, he’s likely out and about snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking, or camping with his wife and two boys.

Cory Carroll’s Areas of Expertise

Cory’s technical expertise includes corporate and individual tax compliance, tax minimization strategies, entity selection, accounting system setup and structuring, R&D credit consulting and calculations, multi-state apportionment analysis, exit strategy planning, and consulting on M&A for asset vs. stock sales and purchases.

Cory enjoys taking a hands-on approach to tax compliance. His extensive tax and accounting background allows for a detail-oriented nuts-and-bolts accounting and tax analysis or a 30,000-foot view of important issues.


What Do Aura Advisors’ Core Values Mean to Cory?

“Our core values mean that we do things differently than what we have been taught to expect in the public accounting field. We do not have to sacrifice the flexibility that we need to succeed in our personal lives, and we can still be successful in our professional lives.

“We realize a more balanced lifestyle than what traditional public accounting firms offer will lead to happier and more productive employees, which ultimately leads to better services for our clients. It is important to surround yourself with positivity and good people who are going to encourage and challenge you to make yourself better.”

“Cory Carroll and his team have been supporting BMC in tax preparation and filings since 2020. Their elevated knowledge and understanding of special considerations like research and development tax credits, staying current on IRC §174A implications, and other special factors have been invaluable in ensuring we are fully compliant while maximizing any potential savings to the company and shareholders.”

– Neal Nicholson, President/CEO, Blue Marble Communications