Tax Credit Services

Confidently Leverage the Tax Credits You Qualify For

We take a holistic approach to tax planning and consulting. We don’t just look at the tax credits you qualify for this year, we explore your finances as a whole to provide cohesive tax planning. Together, we’ll ensure you have the proper documentation in place to secure your credits on time each year that you qualify.

Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC)

To support companies impacted by COVID-19, the IRS enacted an employee retention credit designed to reward firms that suffered financial losses but still retained employees. Aura Advisors helps companies in all industries understand how to qualify for this credit. We then provide support claiming the credit and reviewing how this impacts your filings.

Research & Development Tax Credit (R&D)

We support companies that invest in qualified research and development activities in claiming the research & development (R&D) tax credit they’ve earned.

Cannabis Tax Credits

We support our cannabis clients by evaluating potential tax credit opportunities for Commercial Cannabis Companies operating in California and ensuring they have the proper documentation in place to claim the credit.

Tax credits available for January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2027 include:

  • High-Road Cannabis Tax Credit (HRCTC), for commercial cannabis companies, possessing a Type-10 (retailer) or a Type-12 (micro business) license
  • Cannabis Equity Licensee Credit (CETC), equity licensees with approval for the fee waiver and deferral program administered by the California Department of Cannabis Control

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Orphan Drug Credit

The Orphan Drug Credit is designed to incentivize pharmaceutical companies developing medications and treatments for rare diseases affecting small populations. We work closely with life services organizations to ensure they claim every credit they qualify for.

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“Dana, Joyce, and Cory from Aura Advisors were instrumental in the processing of our ERC, which helped our company get through the toughest of times. They collectively have a deep and nuanced understanding of tax law, and they helped us understand how our unique situation fit into the ERC guidelines, which helped us to confidently move forward with the ERC filing and maximize the potential benefit of this program.”

– Jimmy Sigona, Brothers Pride