entity formation, structuring, and restructuring services

Align Your Organization with Entity Formation, Structuring, and Restructuring Services

Your organizational structure has a significant impact on how you’re taxed. Aura Advisors will work with your firm to determine the most appropriate entity structure based on your organization’s purpose, investor needs, and long-term goals. We can work directly with your attorney or personal CPA to provide structuring support.

We aim to be your partner all year round, so if a significant change, such as a shift in leadership or change in tax code, would make restructuring optimal, we aim to make those recommendations proactively. Aura Advisors also provides flow-through considerations, helping business owners determine tax implications for their company and as an individual.

Who Needs Entity Formation, Structuring, and Restructuring?

If you’re a new organization or are considering restructuring your business, Aura Advisor’s formation, structuring, and restructuring services can ensure you’re set up for long-term success. Aura Advisors primarily supports companies that operate in the technology, cannabis, life sciences, or government contracting industries.

We also provide transaction planning services for organizations considering a merger or acquisition.


Entity Formation, Structuring, and Restructuring Services for Cannabis Companies

Aura Advisors supports cannabis growers and nurseries, retailers and dispensaries, manufacturers and distributors, and ancillary companies in all legal states. We review current entity type and entity structure to determine if tax elections should be made to change the tax status of an entity, if holding companies should be made, or if consolidated elections are necessary. 

Learn more about Aura Advisors’ tax consulting services for cannabis companies.

“Dana Borys and team have been trusted advisors for many of the clients that Echtrai Corp works with. They have made material impact on the tax planning and strategies for a number of companies including a small single dispensary to a large, multi-state provider. They team is always professional, always knowledgeable and they do what they say they are going to do. I highly recommend Aura Advisors to anyone and will continue to recommend them to Echtrai clients.”

Dennis O’Malley, CEO of Echtrai Corp