M&A Tax Due Diligence Services

Ensure Compliance with M&A Tax Due Diligence Services

Aura Advisors will get involved on either side when a company is looking to acquire another company or when one of our clients is looking to sell their business. As part of our tax due diligence services, we look at the tax benefits of doing an asset or stock sale and model the consequences of each approach.

Our modeling, based on entity formation, sale type, and more will help you negotiate a fair purchase price, whether you’re buying or selling a firm.

If you’re the purchasing firm, we’ll help you make relevant inquiries to ensure you have copies of all the returns, all of their accounting elections are valid, and ensure there are no unknown liabilities. From there, we’ll help you make a responsible decision about continuing with a deal or adjusting the purchase price according to the perceived risk.

Our transaction planning services go hand-in-hand with entity formation, structuring, and restructuring services in the event that you decide to restructure your entity after a merger or acquisition.

Who Needs M&A Tax Due Diligence Services?

Any organization considering a merger or acquisition should explore M&A Tax Due Diligence Services. These are significant events from a tax perspective and must be treated as such. We’ll ensure both organizations are in compliance and set up for long-term success.

Aura Advisors works with lower- to middle-market organizations operating in the following industries:

  • Cannabis growers and nurseries, retailers and dispensaries, manufacturers and distributors, and ancillary companies in all legal states
  • Technology as a SaaS, e-commerce, data analytics, or hardware manufacturing company
  • Life Sciences as a digital health, drug development, or device manufacturing firm
  • Government Contracting as an engineering or technology firm contracting with federal government agencies

“What (Aura) does so well is making us understand and feel comfortable with all of our tax positions for the IRS. In an incredibly complicated tax environment, they were able to simplify everything for us.”

Former CEO of a Large, Vertically-Integrated Cannabis Company