Individual Tax Planning Services

Offload the Stress of Tax Planning

We take a holistic approach to tax planning and consulting by exploring your entire financial landscape to provide cohesive tax planning. At Aura Advisors, we aim to be your partner year-round, not just at tax time.

Aura Advisors is your trusted partner for discussing different scenarios to ensure you can make the best informed decisions for your unique tax situation. Together, we can evaluate potential equity compensation options, estimate your year-end liabilities, and ensure there are no surprises when tax season rolls around.

Equity Compensation Planning and Review Services

If you’re considering a position at a startup with equity compensation options, it’s critical to get expert input to evaluate your potential liabilities. We work with founders, shareholders, and employees to review potential compensation packages and build an appropriate tax plan.

Who Needs Individual Tax Services?

Individual tax services may be for you if you are…

  • A high-income earner, high-net-worth individual, entrepreneur, or emerging growth professional
  • A business owner or significant shareholder
  • Considering equity compensation options or relocation
  • Approaching a significant life event, such as retirement, marriage, divorce, or family planning
  • Managing diverse, large, or complex investment portfolios

Unsure if Aura Advisors can help with your individual tax planning needs?
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“We have worked with Aura Advisors for several years with our individual tax situation. They have provided valuable advice around selling a business and a QSBS election, the purchase of a rental property and a cost segregation study, and modeling different scenarios so that we could understand the tax implications of our decisions. Aura Advisors also has an ongoing relationship with our financial advising team to offer tax savings strategies and we appreciate their responsiveness and detailed tax advice.”

– 2 time founder, high net worth individual