Flow-through tax Services

Minimize Your Tax Burden with Flow-through Tax Services

At Aura Advisors, we explore your organization’s entire financial landscape to provide cohesive tax planning. We aim to be your partner year-round, helping you make financial decisions that are in your best interest.

Aura Advisors can provide support with the following services:

  • Pass-through Entity Tax Elections — Maximize the state and local tax deductions shareholders can take on their personal returns. We provide pass-through entity analysis and planning services to ensure you make the best choice for your scenario. 
  • Composite Tax Elections — Evaluate having the flow-through entity pay tax and file returns on behalf of taxpayers when there are multiple state returns. 
  • Cohesive Planning — Income and deductions created in the flow-through entity impact the individual, so we work with both the flow-through and the individual to understand elections made, deductions taken, and their impact on the individual. Learn more about tax services for individuals.
  • Tax CreditsClaim every credit you qualify for with our tax credits services. 

If you don’t currently operate a flow-through entity and are interested in restructuring your organization, we can help you evaluate your potential liabilities and make the best decision based on your business goals.

Learn more about our entity restructuring services.

Who Needs Flow-Through Tax Services?

If you operate a flow-through entity, such as an S-Corporation, Limited Liability Company, or Partnership, where profits are shared directly with business owners and shareholders, our flow-through tax services can ensure you comply while optimizing your taxable income.

S-Corporation, Limited Liability Companies, and Partnerships enjoy peace of mind from having Aura Advisors as a consulting partner to manage their flow-through taxes.

Learn more about our tax consulting services for individuals.

“We’ve been doing business with Dana Borys/Aura for several years. I want to give a shout out to their professionalism. It is one thing to do conscientious work for big clients. But, it is another to be so responsive to a smaller business. Dana and her staff are conscientious, timely, thoroughly comprehensive and support us like we were among her most valuable clients. We are now planning to increase our scope of business with Aura and look forward to the collaboration.”

– Ellyn Bader Ph.D, Partner, Burgess Institutes