Income Tax Accounting and UTP Analysis Services

Get Support with Income Tax Accounting (ASC 740) and Uncertain Tax Position Analysis (ASC 740-10)

We explore your organization’s entire financial landscape to provide cohesive income tax accounting and uncertain tax position analysis services. As a tax consultant and partner, we prepare tax provisions, including an estimate for the amount of income taxes a company is expected to pay in all of its jurisdictions. We take a comprehensive approach to documenting certain and uncertain tax positions in a management memorandum.

Aura Advisors can work alongside your existing tax preparer or financial statement audit firm if there is a conflict of interest prohibiting them from providing support during a financial audit.

Whether you’re going through a merger, looking to provide increased transparency, or are a public company required to report quarterly, mitigate any undisclosed tax liabilities by having Aura Advisors prepare a tax provision as part of your financial statement audit.

“Dana and the team at Aura Advisors were a tremendous help with our multi-year internal audit. They were responsive, accurate and delivered on time!”

CFO of a Large Cannabis Company