Tax Compliance & Consulting: Key Offerings

We bring our unique approach to tax strategy and consulting support to clients in most industries, with notable expertise in Cannabis, Technology, Life Sciences, and Government Contractor companies, as well as Individuals experiencing significant financial events or with high net worths.

Tax Credits

We ensure you have the proper documentation to secure any tax credits on time each year that you qualify, including credits only available to life services and cannabis companies.

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Individual Tax Services

For individuals with unique financial scenarios, Aura Advisors helps you evaluate your liability, maintain compliance, and make the right decisions for you.

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Corporate Tax Services

We support firms in the tech, cannabis, life sciences, and government contracting industries with tax compliance and consulting services unique to their needs.

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M&A Tax Due Diligence Services

Aura Advisors will get involved on either side when a company is looking to acquire another company or when one of our clients is looking to sell their business.

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Flow-Through Tax Services

We provide peace of mind to S-Corp and Partnership organizations with support managing flow-through taxes.

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Maximizing Cost of Goods Sold Services

Cannabis companies trust Aura Advisors to help maximize their cost of goods sold, optimize profits, and ensure audit readiness.

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Entity Formation, Structuring, & Restructuring Services

Aura Advisors supports new and established organizations with choice of entity, structuring, and restructuring services designed to optimize tax liabilities based on your organization’s purpose.

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ASC 740 & ASC 740-10

Whether you’re going through a merger, looking to provide increased transparency, or are a public company required to report quarterly, mitigate any undisclosed tax liabilities by having Aura Advisors prepare a tax provision in response to a financial audit.

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Looking for something else? Aura Advisors aims to be a tax consulting and compliance partner for organizations in the cannabis, technology, life sciences, and government contracting industries, as well as individuals in various stages of life. If you have additional needs, reach out to us to explore how we can support you — if we don’t have the expertise to handle your scenario, we can recommend a trusted provider to help.

The Unique Aura Advisors Approach

Our team takes a unique approach to tax advisory and consulting, prioritizing creative solutions and innovation.

Creative Solutions

The best solutions are often hiding in plain sight. By stripping extraneous noise out of our work, we provide clients with new and unexpected ways to solve their most pressing tax challenges.

Innovative Approach

The most effective tax strategies require pushing the tax code in new ways. Reasoned risk-taking and thoughtful adaptation are vital to delivering results for our clients.

The Aura Advisors team consistently works at the highest level of quality and professionalism in supporting our tax needs. Tax filings in 2023 require attention to the details and business context, and the Auro Advisors team is always focused on getting the filings completed accurately and on-time. We’re lucky to be partnering with such a great firm.

– Dan Rogers, CEO, FintechForce