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FAQs About Our Tax Services


Which industries do you serve?

We serve emerging growth companies in the Cannabis, Technology, Life Sciences, and Government Contractor industries, as well as Individuals.

Is there an income minimum for clients you work with?

While we don’t enforce an income minimum for clients we take on, our services are best suited for high-net-worth professionals or those going through significant personal finance events. Often, our clients are evaluating stock options, experiencing a liquidity event, dealing with complex investments, or considering relocation.

We also work with emerging growth and startup companies in the above industries. There is no revenue minimum for the companies we work with — some of our clients are pre-revenue, experiencing expansion, developing new services, or raising capital.

Which types of entities does Aura Advisors serve?

We work with C corporations, S corporations, partnership entities, and LLCs. We also help organizations and individual business owners determine which type of entity is best suited for their goals.


Do I need to be located in California?

No. While much of our team is based in California, we serve clients all over the United States and organizations with international subsidiaries.


When should I get in touch?

We are not a firm that simply does your taxes and then leaves you in the dark for nine months. Our greatest value comes in partnering with our clients day in and day out on their tax strategies. Reach out to Aura Advisors whenever you want a strategic partner to guide you on your tax strategy.

Aura Advisors guides us through complex tax issues year after year. We trust them completely on all federal and state tax matters

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