Tax Services & Consulting for Tech Companies

Aura Advisors supports emerging growth and established technology firms located anywhere in the United States and foreign-based companies with US subsidiaries. We aim to serve as a tax consultant, supporting your organization year-round with all tax-related needs. Through our work together, we conduct due diligence all year long to optimize your potential liability and avoid surprises come tax time.

Many of our clients operate in the SaaS, e-commerce, cloud computing, and data analytics spaces, but we support technology firms in any vertical.

Tax Credits

As a technology company, you may be eligible for various tax credits, such as the Employee Retention credit (ERC) or Research and Development (R&D) credit. We ensure you get every credit you’re eligible for.

M&A Tax Due Diligence Services

If you’re going through a merger or acquisition or need due diligence services for banks or investors, Aura Advisors can help. We ensure you land a fair purchase price, uncover unknown liabilities, and clarify areas of exposure.

Entity Formation, Structuring, and Restructuring

Whether you’re forming a new technology company, evaluating alternative organizational structures, or restructuring after a merger and acquisition, we help review your tax liability and determine the optimal structure for your scenario.

ASC 740 & ASC 740-10 Services

Approach financial audits with confidence thanks to ASC 740 & ASC 740-10 services. Ensure your financial statements are ready for a bank or investor requirement, new acquisition request, or as mandated for public trading by having Aura Advisors prepare your tax provision.

Growing technology firms enjoy peace of mind from partnering with Aura Advisors.

“Dana and the Aura team have been amazing partners; extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and understanding of our complexities. Partners like this are a multiplier for a small business like ours.”

– Alex Boswell, Partner, Polychrome Holding Company