Tax Services for Individuals

Tax Services & Consulting for Individuals

Aura Advisors supports individuals with tax consulting and compliance needs. Our clients range from emerging young professionals and founders starting businesses, to individuals entering retirement or going through other significant life events.

We aim to serve as a consulting partner and trusted advisor to all of our clients. Our services aren’t provided just once. We focus on establishing a long-term collaboration to ensure compliance and set you up for life-long success.

Individual Tax Services

We support individuals with their:

  • Annual tax filings
  • Quarterly estimated payments
  • Projections for taxable events
  • Tax implications of investments and equity compensation
  • Updates on tax law changes
  • Navigating life changes, such as marriage, divorce, and growing a family
  • Gifting strategies 
  • Retirement planning
  • Maximizing sole business owner deductions
  • Ensuring compliance with back filing delinquent returns, resolving tax notices, and establishing payment installment agreements with taxing authorities

If you’re evaluating stock options, experiencing a liquidity event, dealing with complex investments, or considering relocation, Aura Advisors can help you evaluate your tax implications and make the best decision for your needs.

“Ever since I hired Dana and team, I’ve not had to spend a minute worrying about my taxes, and they’ve saved me a great deal of money along the way. Highly recommended for anyone in tech looking for a great partner for managing complex tax situations.”

– Andy Montgomery, VP of Design at Investing & Trading App