Government Contractors: Services Offered

Tax Services & Consulting for Government Contractors

Companies with government contracts trust Aura Advisors for their tax consulting needs. As a consulting partner, we aim to support you through your entire tax and financial planning lifecycle. Our team focuses on ensuring your firm’s tax compliance, but can provide guidance and referrals to specialists when evaluating grant opportunities.

Tax Credit & Incentive Support

As a technology firm, you may be eligible for various tax credits, such as the Research & Development (R&D) or Employee Retention Credit (ERC). We help you claim each credit you qualify for. 

Audit Support

Some government awards require financial statement audits. Ensure your books are in compliance with GAAP so you can continue to receive government funds. Approach financial audits with confidence by having Aura Advisors prepare your tax provision.

Tax Compliance

Ensuring compliance is particularly critical when under heightened scrutiny while bidding for government contracts and federal grants. Aura Advisors ensures your company stays in compliance with federal and state tax laws by supporting your firm year-round, not just at tax time.

Companies bidding for government contracts rely on Aura Advisors to act as a tax consultant, providing year-round guidance to maintain compliance.

“Cory has advised our small business for almost twenty years. As a small defense contractor, there are many federal regulations that apply to us that most CPAs are not familiar with. Cory’s expertise in the federal contracting domain was integral to our company’s ability to stay compliant with the constraints of the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations. Additionally, Cory helps us navigate the HR issues related to a small business, e.g. the tax implications of various employee benefits, retirement plans, and out of state employees. Being able to rely on Cory’s guidance has enabled us to focus on our core engineering business confident we are expertly covered in tax matters.”

– Elizabeth Cunha, CEO of TARVOS Systems, Inc.