Cannabis Companies: Services Offered

Tax Services & Consulting for Cannabis Companies

We provide tax services and consulting to startups and established cannabis companies. As a budding industry with ever-changing legislation, cannabis companies need extra support with tax services and accounting. Aura Advisors serves as a partner in tax preparation and compliance, supporting your organization year-round.

Aura Advisors supports cannabis growers and nurseries, retailers and dispensaries, manufacturers and distributors, and ancillary companies in all legal states.

Tax Credits

As a cannabis company, you may be eligible for various tax credits, such as the High-Road Cannabis Tax Credit, Cannabis Equity Licensee Credit, Research & Development (R&D), and Employee Retention credit (ERC). We work with you to ensure you get each credit you qualify for.

M&A Tax Due Diligence Services

If you’re considering an acquisition or merger, Aura Advisors provides unparalleled M&A due diligence. Our expertise in the industry ensures we can help you negotiate a fair purchase price, uncover liabilities, and determine areas of exposure.

Maximizing Cost of Goods Sold

Ensure you have documentation in place for applicable cannabis tax codes, IRC sections 280E and 471. We review financial statements and charts of accounts to determine a reasonable allocation of items that were below the line and should be part of cost of goods sold. We’ll also help prepare internal documentation explaining your methodology, ensuring you’re audit-ready.

Entity Formation, Structuring, and Restructuring Services

If you’re forming a new cannabis company, evaluating alternative organizational structures, or restructuring after an M&A, we evaluate your tax liability to help determine the optimal structure for your goals. Aura Advisors can work directly with your attorney to provide structuring support

Making it Safer for Good People & Good Companies to Do Good Things

Over 15 million individuals have been arrested for marijuana offenses over the past two decades, despite the fact that cannabis has been legalized in many states and now makes up an over $13 billion market. Last Prisoner Project (LPP) is a national nonprofit dedicated to fighting criminal injustice and reimagining drug policy. 

As we help scaling cannabis companies find their place in the market, we recognize how important it is to address the tens of thousands of cannabis prisoners convicted for activities that are no longer a crime. That’s why we’re a proud supporter of The Last Prisoner Project, backing their mission of setting cannabis prisoners free.

Marijuana Moment helps activits, industry professionals, consumers, policymakers and the public understand developments and trends affecting cannabis by delivering morning email newsletters packed with all the latest headlines, primary source documents, and analysis from across the world.

As we work in the highly-regulated field of cannabis, it is important we stay abreast of current developments to best advise our clients. That is why we’re a proud supporter of Marijuana Moment, backing their mission to help those in the cannabis industry.


“I not only look to [Dana] for accounting advice, but I trust her business instinct and her recommendations that she has provided to me. Everything from financial advice to attorneys. I now know that I can go to her and receive recommendations for the best in the business and more importantly, people I can trust.”

Monica Gray, COO/Owner Nice Guys Delivery and Distribution