Clients Served: Tax Services & Consulting

At Aura Advisors, our team specializes in a few key industries to provide clients with top-notch tax services. We support both public and private emerging growth organizations.

Currently, we primarily work with Cannabis, Technology, Life Services, Government Contractor organizations, and emerging growth or high-net-worth Individuals. This allows us to leverage our industry expertise, providing you with peace of mind.

While those industries are our specialty, we do occasionally serve clients outside of those verticals. If you operate in a different industry but are interested in having Aura Advisors support your tax needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Tax Services


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Aura Advisors supports cannabis growers, retailers, dispensaries, delivery providers, and distributors with unparalleled tax consulting services. We specialize in providing maximization of COGS, transaction planning, tax credits, and structuring & restructuring services for cannabis companies.

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Aura Advisors supports scaling technology organizations with unparalleled tax consulting services. SaaS, e-commerce, data analytics, and other tech firms turn to Aura Advisors for year-round support optimizing their tax liabilities and ensuring compliance.

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Life Sciences

Aura Advisors works with emerging growth and start-up life sciences companies. Many of our clients work in the digital health, drug development, or device manufacturing spaces, but we have the expertise to support firms in any area of focus with tax credits, transaction planning, audit support, tax compliance, and other tax consulting services.

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Government Contractors 

Aura Advisors supports engineering firms bidding for government contracts with unparalleled tax consulting and compliance services. As a consulting partner, we aim to support you through your entire tax and financial planning lifecycle, providing referrals to other trusted providers for services we cannot support, like evaluating grant opportunities.

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Individual Tax Services

Aura Advisors supports individuals with tax consulting and compliance needs. Our clients range from emerging young professionals and startup founders to individuals entering retirement. Often, individuals come to us when going through critical financial events like evaluating stock options, experiencing a liquidity event, dealing with complex investments, or considering relocation.

“Dana has been an excellent advisor to our team as we expand the business geographically. Her hands-on approach provides us with the tools needed to make informed decisions and develop best practices. Leveraging Dana’s tax knowledge has been extremely helpful as we grow our business.”

– Johnny Valeriote, President of Omnium